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Spinnaker Place

2601 25th Street Southeast, Salem, OR

This is Artist in Action's only ongoing, continuous art show. It is a wonderful opportunity, so let's use it!

If interested please contact:
Melody Fahey by PHONE 503 399-1640 - NO EMAIL PLEASE

Melody is available to help hang, and the day to hang will be discussed individually. It is not necessary that all art be hung the same day. And please do not hang any art but your own without specific permission.

All participants must be members of ARTISTS IN ACTION.
Besides the possibility of sales, this venue is good exposure to office workers, business owners and clients.

All artists must sign a waiver. A new waiver is required for each 3 month show. The "Waiver and Release From Liability" form can be found at the bottom of this page. Please print out, fill in the blanks, sign the document and bring it with you when you deliver your art.

Any work that can hang on a wall, and is well presented is welcome, with certain restrictions. Subject is open, including abstracts, but no nudes, or political stuff, as this is a mixed office building. Paintings, drawings, collages, textile work, etc., photography and high quality giclee prints are acceptable, but must be framed as for a gallery, or mounted in a gallery format.

Art can be for sale (and usually is), but the buyer must contact you directly, so you will need neat, professional looking small contact cards to place on or beneath your work with the title, media, price, your name and contact information.

Please do not hand write these cards unless you are a professional calligrapher, use your computer, and keep them small (up to 3 by 5 inches only). Do not use mirror mounting tape (that thick white stuff with adhesive on both sides) to hang your contact cards, as this has pulled the surface off the walls in the past. Use that removable art putty stuff, or suspend your cards from your frame with tape.

If you are using a window mat for a drawing or watercolor, it must be behind glass. Please use a picture wire on the back of the piece if at all possible, not one of those zig zag metal bars, and be sure it is far enough down (about a third of the way down on your piece is good) so it doesn't show when hung.

Any questions?

******************** CALL MELODY AT 503 399-1640 **********************

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